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Airless Spray Plastering

Airless Spray Plasters are used as a direct finish coat onto smooth backgrounds such as plasterboards, or fair faced concrete panels. Airless spray plasters can also be used in refurbishment projects and are breathable unlike gypsum plasters so can be used in heritage works


Airless plasters represent a major step forward in the speed and ease of application of commercial plasters. Delivered ready-mixed for use straight from the bag, Airless Spray Plasters minimise the need for water onsite and produce virtually no wastage.

The speed and accuracy of the spray system is heightened further when finishing ceilings as the work can be completed from floor level without any scaffolding, steps or hop-ups. The natural flexibility of the products make them highly resistant to cracking, chipping or flaking, and their high adhesive properties mean they can be applied directly over smooth-faced concrete and a range of other surfaces without any need for bonding agents or primers.

Airless Spray Plasters are simply better than the average plaster. The result is a superb finish, quickly, easily and safely achieved on-site for a lower overall installed cost.

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