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Coloured Renders

Through coloured renders are a type of decorative finish applied to the outside of buildings to provide both decoration and weather protection.

They are available from a number of render suppliers and each company has its own colours and slightly different scraped texture.

With the use of clear water resistant sealers these renders are a excellent choice on both new build and refurbishment projects.


Currier Plastering have extensively used Parex Monorex and Weber Pral.M on many projects over the years with stunning results.


Please find below links to colour guides

Parex Monorex


Weber Pral.M

EWI - Thin Coat Systems

Thin-coat render systems are flexible  and particularly suited to large projects where maintenance is or could be an issue. They can be hydrophobic giving them self cleaning abilities.

These renders are the most crack-resistant available, with high polymer-content base coats and alkali-resistant mesh reinforcement.


They can be applied on to external wall insulation systems, are suitable for application onto timber frames using a render-receiver board system cand are also suited to refurbishment projects where cracks in the substrate have been a issue

Thin-coat renders are available in a number of different aggregate sizes going from 0.5mm up to 5mm. 

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